•  We (humans) are not being pulled towards Earth, but rather pressed against it. Gravitation should not be seen as a force that pulls one object towards another.
  • Neutral Dust Particles 
  • The lowest possible temperature of 0 Kelvin is the lowest possible temperature for matter, but not for antimatter. Matter can only sustain above 0 Kelvin, while antimatter can only sustain below this temperature.
  • Black holes consist of antimatter. 
  • Positive gravitation is created by a warm core of matter. Negative gravitation is created by a cold core of antimatter.
  • Our universe is expanding and cooling down. Eventually all matter falls apart and is consumed by an increasing amount of black holes. The ones close enough will merge into an enormous black hole.
  • Our universe is definitely not the first, not the last and possibly not the only universe to exist. The giant black hole that remains after a universe's collapse eventually warms up and explodes in a Big Bang, creating a new universe.
  • Singularity can never occur when it comes to a universe.
  • Time is something humans invented and does not apply to a universe and its elements.